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How I managed my Windows Live IDs (error code 8015341B)

Recently I decided to change my primary Windows Live ID.

It worked but it was kind of tricky and let me explain this to you.

There reason behind this was that I had 2 Windows Live IDs: one for XBOX Live and Zune and one for the emails/calendar etc.

All worked perfectly but, as I wanted to have just one ID for all services (and this include my Windows Phone) I decided it was the time to do that.

There’s nothing wrong to have 2 Windows Live IDs, especially for Windows Phone but I like things to be simple and agile :)

The first thing I needed to change, which was quite important, were the services linked to that “old primary” Hotmail account. My primary email needed to change and so for the Internet service provider primary email, bank account, automatic payments for electricity, etc.

Then I decided: ok, let’s go to my XBOX live and change the Live ID. On the XBOX 360, you can actually “move” your Avatar (your account) from one Hotmail account to another. Only one time every 30 days.

But this didn’t work.

So I discovered what was wrong: my secondary Hotmail account that I wanted to use was linked to another XBOX Live account. After some phone calls with the XBOX Support, they suggested me to unlink that Hotmail account with “my secondary” XBOX Avatar.

But you can’t do it.

On the XBOX Live I tried to link my XBOX Live account to my other Hotmail account but I received the error “8015341B”. I searched through the Internet and found some articles: one in particular seemed to be describing my problem…(the article also shows, if you’re interested, how to change the Windows Live ID that is associated with your Xbox LIVE Gamertag).

Then I realized what was also wrong with that Live ID:

the one that I wanted to use was US Region.

In this case, there’s nothing you can do: Regions are not compatible with each other (at least at the moment).

So they suggested me to create a new email account (say, a Yahoo account) and, through the XBOX and associate my Avatar to that “temporary” email account.

As you may know, you can’t delete an XBOX Live Account so that was the perfect “workaround” to my problem. So I associated that Yahoo account to my XBOX Gamertag first.

Then I created a new Hotmail account (say This Hotmail account was brand new, European Region, and not linked to any XBOX Live.

I used the XBOX to associate my Gamertag to this new email account and voilà, the merge was completed !


I know, it’s not easy to understand as there are 3 Hotmail accounts and 1 Yahoo account in this description so I apologize if this is not that clear but in the end I solved my issue.

I had to “spam” my Messenger friends and tell them (with an automatic email) that I changed my Messenger account so I have to apologize to them for that too :)

But in the end what I achieved was: I have one Hotmail account associated with one XBOX Live/Zune Pass/Inbox/Calendar/Messenger and got rid of all the other email accounts.

And, to summarize, the reasons why it was not that easy were basically 2:

  • my Hotmail accounts were created in different Regions
  • both of them were linked to 2 XBOX Live Gamertags

You can still merge 2 Windows Live IDs (by going to but this is for easy switching from one to another).

And that was it :)

Windows Phone & Windows Live

I’m not sure if you got it but, in my previous post, I put a link in the Windows Phone logo.

During my trips and my online meetings, I talked with different people and realized some of them don’t know about this feature included in Windows Live.

It’s a service provided for your #wp7 Phone or, better, it’s a suite of services for your phone.

At this link:, login using your Windows Live ID you used as a primary Live ID account for your Phone.

You’ll get something like that:


From this page you can do a lot of stuff:

  • Find, Ring, Lock & Erase your Phone remotely (you need to setup the Mapping feature just by inputting your phone number)
  • Make WL send an email when you map, ring, erase, or lock your phone
  • If you enabled the Location Service on your phone, you make WL send a text message to try to find your phone last time it was localized by the internal GPS
  • Look at the pictures you uploaded on SkyDrive through your Phone
  • Play with your XBOX Live Avatar
  • View your OneNotes and calendar events
  • Check your SkyDrive storage
  • and plenty of tips and tricks

It basically replaced the MyPhone application that was present on Windows Mobile 6.5, adding new features to it.

I’m not sure how many times I’ll go there, but it’s good to know just in case you lose your phone :)

Microsoft MVP Award – January 2011 Awards !

I’m always happy to see new Microsoft MVPs coming onboard. No matter what the Country is, what language is, what the activities are, there’s one thing in common and I’ll never stop saying this out loud: PASSION.

Together with other Microsoft MVPs, the local subsidiaries and Microsoft Corporation, we identified top community contributors, within many different areas of expertise, who really deserved the MVP Award !


Particularly for the Region I represent (CEE & Italy), I would like to announce the newly awarded MVPs as of the 1st of January, 2011:

Name Technical Expertise Country
Alvise Cervellati Windows Expert-Consumer Italy
Catalin Gheorghiu Device Application Development Romania
Darius Porowski Virtual Machine Poland
Fabrizio Volpe Directory Services Italy
George Andritsos Exchange Server Greece
George Varakis Lync Greece
Heiki Tahis Windows Expert-IT Pro Estonia
Joanna Vathis Exchange Server Greece
Marcin Borecki Internet Explorer Poland
Massimo Bonanni Visual Basic Italy
Matteo Pagani Device Application Development Italy
Michele Aponte ASP.NET Italy
Pawel Wilkosz SQL Server Poland
Philippos Panagiotidis Office System Greece
…. Windows Azure Italy
Sabrina Cosolo Visual C# Italy
Tomasz Onyszko Enterprise Security Poland
Tomaz Scavnicar Internet Explorer Slovenia
Ugo Sansone Windows Live Messenger Italy
Zoltan Zombory Office365 Hungary


(as soon as they’ll publish the news on their blogs and/or on their MVP Profiles, I will add the names so you’ll get to know them Smile).

Congratulations !! I think this is the best time of the year as you celebrated the New Year in the best possible way !!

And of course Congratulations to the re-awarded MVPs (and you know who you are !! Winking smile)

BTW if you want to know more about the MVP Award Program, be sure to read our blog and follow me Smile

Microsoft Days 2010 | Hlavní stránka

Microsoft Days 2010 will take place on 14-15th of September in Prague.

MS Days 2010

This is the biggest event ever organized in Czech Republic by Microsoft merging together conferences for IT Professionals, Developers and Partners.

The Agenda is pretty huge, covering topics like Azure, Online Services, Cloud Computing, Web Platform and other Client/Server/Developer/Dynamics content.

And, based on that, it’s split into two separate tracks – Technical (for IT Professionals and Developers) and Business part for Microsoft Partners.

Of course the Microsoft MVP Award Program will be very well represented thanks to the participation of 7 MVPs as speakers and another 6 MVPs in the Ask The Experts booth.


Martin Pavlis (Exchange), Miroslav Knotek (Consumer Security), Kamil Jurik (SharePoint Server), Petr Kosec (System Center Operations Manager), Michal Valasek (ASP/ASP .NET), Ondrej Vysek (Setup & Deployment), Martin Zugec (PowerShell) as well as the MVPs who will be present at the ATE Booth like Miroslav Pragl (Consumer Security), Jan Pilar (Windows Desktop Experience), Igor Vit (Visual FoxPro), Igor Stanek (ASP/ASP .NET), Jarda Jirava (Client App Dev) and Pavel Repa (System Center Operations Manager). It’s a long list ! Smile

Furthermore, the XBOX 360 Kinect will also be officially announced here !!


Link (in Czech): Microsoft Days 2010 | Hlavní stránka

A little update on Social Forums

I’ve been very busy during the last couple of months and I was pushing myself trying to find some time to “revitalize” my blog.

So here we are, back on track, with some new information regarding the Forums.

I already talked about it on one of my previous posts and I would like to share with you some of the updates and new stuff already in place (mostly for the EMEA Region).

TechNet (basically for ITPROs and System Administrators)


TechNet (ITPROs)




not yet available









MSDN (for Developers)


MSDN (Developers)




not yet available










Microsoft Answers (for consumers: Windows, Microsoft Office & other related products)


MS Answers (Consumer)

Chinese Simplified



not yet available












You may want to know that you can access the forums not only through the web interface, but also using some of the tools available online. Basically all you need to have is an NNTP Bridge (links below) and a Newsreader (like Windows Live Mail for example):

Download the NNTP Bridge or download the Community Bridge (made by MVP Jochen Kalmbach: btw great job Jochen !)


And it’s very easy to get in there: all you need to have is a Windows Live ID and then you can start searching for the relevant forums you want to follow and start interacting with other users and Microsoft MVPs.

Happy Posting ! Smile

Microsoft Technology Summit 2009

Around 3000 people expect including almost 600 people from the communities.

These are some of the numbers of the most important Microsoft Conference happening in Warsaw on September 29-30: the Microsoft Technology Summit 2009 !

MTS 2009

MTS 2009 is Poland’s largest technology conference aimed at IT professionals, developers, and enthusiasts of new technologies.
Highlighting MVPs Kimberly Tripp, Grzegorz Tworek, Paweł Pławiak, Jacek Doktór, Sebastian Wilczewski, Bartosz Pampuch, Marlon Grech and many other International colleagues and IT professionals, the 2 days will be differentiated in 13 different areas:


technical areas

Thus touching a lot of different Microsoft technologies and products: from Visual Studio 2010 to the System Center family, from Exchange 2010 to Windows 7 etc etc…

Even if my Polish is almost at a scholar level, I’ll definitely be there !! :)

Link to: Microsoft Technology Summit 2009 | 29-30 września 2009 | PKiN Warszawa

Windows Live Messenger on Windows7

As far as I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop (and, again, I strongly recommend to download it and install it: you still have some time before the beta closes!) one of the minor issues I experienced was with the use of the latest Windows Live Messenger (one of the product included in the Windows Live Essentials suite).

As Windows 7 handles taskbar and notification area icons in a different way, the Windows Live Messenger thumbnail preview, due to compatibility requirements, shows two confusing Messenger’s windows.

It’s very easy to workaround on this and show the icon in the Notification area.

  • Close the application
  • Go to Windows Live Messenger Properties
  • check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows Vista” from the drop-down list

WLM Properties WLM Properties2

If you need to set this for all users, click on the “Change settings for all user” button

And then you’ll see your IM back to where it was !

WLM icon


Link to: Workaround to Hide and Minimize Windows Live Messenger Icon/Button to Notification Area (System Tray) in Windows 7 » My Digital Life

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