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Home of Technical Communities

If you are in the IT Market and involved in a local community/User Group, you may have heard about INETA, GITCA and PASS.

These are technical “networks” where you can find relevant information regarding User Group events/articles/content and any other interesting stuff for the topics you may be interested in.

Then we had UGSS, a repository of all the information, including all the topics and all audiences (Developers, ITPros, Information Workers and Consumers).

Now UGSS entered a new phase with the launch on


The web interface is way better than the old one. From a user perspective, it helps you find content and events very easily.

From a User Group President perspective, you can do more. You can search for sponsors, available speakers when it comes to organize an event (by doing a search by audience/product), content and funding. There are also some User Group training kits (they don’t cover all technologies yet) available for you to consume.

It’s very easy to register and, if you are a user like me, you can subscribe up to 10 User Groups everywhere in the world so to be informed on what is going on in the Countries and the topics you are interested in.

So, if you are a technical speaker, this is a good chance to improve your reputation and start collaborating with other User Groups. If you are a User Group President or part of the Board, this is a good way to promote your events and find relevant speakers if you can’t find one, say, on Windows Azure. Also, you can make a request on booking one of the many Microsoft Innovation Centers to hold your event.

The existing data from UGSS have already been migrated but it’s still an ongoing process so please feel free to send an email to to report an issue or make a request.

Enjoy ! :)

Link to: UGSS – Home

IT Camp 2011

It’s a big 2 days timeframe for developers and ITPros in CEE.

On May 26-27, the 2 Romanian communities CodeCamp and ITSpark organized a 2 days event dedicated to both developers and system administrators: the IT Camp 2011

Featuring International speakers, this event, which will be hold in the forth most populous city in Romania (Cluj-Napoca), will see 10 Microsoft MVPs, all of them with different technical backgrounds and from different parts of Europe (you can add their personal Twitter/LinkedIn/RSS from the speakers’ list).


You may want to know what the topics are…well, from their own voice:

“We will be discussing general interest topics such as Private Cloud, security, Windows Azure, RIA using MVC and Ajax, System Center, SQL Server, Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC 3, Exchange High Availability, ASP.NET and PHP apps on IIS, Workflow Services in Windows Azure, SharePoint Server support for ISO and COBIT certifications, Link, WCF and REST in the Cloud and more”. So a lot will be covered !

While I suggest you to follow them, you can register here !

Link to: IT Camp 2011

Pan-Baltic MVP Open Days 2011 !

Thanks to my colleagues Andres Sirel & Tautvydas Dagys who made this happen,

I have the pleasure to announce that on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th I’m going to participate to the first Pan-Baltic MVP Open Days, gathering almost all the Microsoft MVPs from the Region.




It will be a 2 days event totally dedicated to the MVPs and to the local communities.

From Andrejs Mamontovs to Domantas Jovaišas, from Gunnar Peipman to new MVP Heiki Tähis and Henn Sarv, Sergejus Barinovas, Tomas Dabasinskas & Valdis Iljuconoks, not to mention all the other community peers like Jevgeni Tšaikin , the audience is really differentiated. From ASP.NET to Windows Phone 7 to Windows Azure to SQL Server, just to name a few, we will all be in Latvia to exchange ideas, to discuss about the local Communities and to gather feedback and best practice to share with others (and of course more than that I’m sure !).

Furthermore, the 3 Microsoft Subsidiaries also organized the “Powered by MVP” 2011 technical workshop (happening today) where several MVPs and technical experts will talk about different topics related to both ITPros and Developers (for more info follow the link below).

Personally, I’m pretty excited to be there for the first time. I already met some of them during the last year’s MVP Global Summit in Seattle, the Regional CEE MVP Open Days in Greece and online on Twitter, but being altogether will be absolutely a unique experience, from a professional and personal way.

If you want to know what’s happening in real-time, be sure to follow the #balticmvp11 hashtag :)


Link to: Powered by MVP — Latvia

24 Hours in the Cloud

Hi all,

just wanted to let you know of an upcoming event, organized by GITCA (Global IT Community Association), called “24 Hours in the Cloud”. The idea is to, over one day, let User Groups present for an hour on a Cloud related topic and then hand over to another group one time zone to the west.

Here are some technical topics suggested so far:

  • KeyNote: Association for Computing Machinery
  • Introduction to Windows Intune
  • Introduction to Office 365
  • Office Web Apps
  • Introduction to Exchange Online
  • Coexistance with and migration to Exchange Online
  • Introduction to SharePoint Online
  • Introduction to Microsoft Lync Online
  • Introduction to the Private Cloud
  • Deploying Hyper-V Cloud
  • Introduction to the Windows Azure Platform
  • AppFabric Overview
  • Windows Azure DataMarket
  • Cloud Security
  • Azure Security Overview
  • SQL Azure Security
  • Single Sign-On from Active Directory to a Windows Azure Application
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Setup and Configuration of SQL Azure Databases
  • SQL Azure Security Using Data Sync
  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Security
  • AppFabric Caching
    If you are an MVP, a User Group Leader or a UG member, you may want to talk with your community peers to decide whether to participate having an active part on it by doing a User Group/Association technical presentation.
    How to apply?
    Go to this website and read about the event. Add a comment/blog post to that post to say you’re interested and to submit your ideas on any particular technical topic you may want to present. Also, you can submit your own ideas and apply by sending an email to

Link to: Welcome to GITCA.ORG

Code Camp 2010 (F.Y.R.O. Macedonia)

On 6th of November the Macedonian .NET User Group, under the hat of INETA and Microsoft organized Code Camp 2010 event in Skopje, Macedonia.

Macedonian .NET User Group

With more than 500 attendees, they broke a record for community event in the F.Y.R.O. Macedonia. Free online registration service for this event was used. After the first event announcement in their newsletter, they saw some 200 registrations on the very first day!

In the end, on 5th of November an astonishing number of 690 registered attendees was reached.


Some Quick Facts:
– Date: 06.11.2010
– Venue: FON University – Skopje
– 500 attendees
– Live Meeting 200 streaming sessions attendees
– 70 prizes
– 10h recorder presentation materials
– 1500 photos
– 3h video recorded material from the event
– 300 liters juice and water for refreshment
– 600 coffees, 600 teas, 400 chocolates & 60kg snacks
– 22 members in the organization board

Everyone that could not reach the event on-site at the Venue could follow the sessions live, through MS Live Meeting streaming. Statistics shows about 200 Live Meeting attending sessions during the 10 hours of presentations – much more than expected.
CodeCamp was published on social networks like Twitter where each sessions start was announced. All attendees were joined on their mobile devices on the open Wi-Fi network. They were actively participating in the online conversations, commenting about sessions, speakers and the event.


The event saw the participation of 10 speakers, of which some of them MVPs and others from the MKDOT.NET community), in two tracks (here is the agenda of the event)

The feedback got was great, one of the best community event ever held in the Republic of Macedonia.


If you wanna see what happened there, just click on this link:)

Link to: Code Camp 2010 | Event from community to community

Croatian Web User Group strikes back !

On 12/11/2010 Community Leaders Domagoj Pavlešić and Jerislav Bobić have organized a big Community Event. They wanted to celebrate the first Web User Group year, currently the most popular user group in Croatia, and the 100th meeting of DEV UG Zagreb, the oldest group in Croatia. There were 125 registrations in just a week, which is quite impressive !

clip_image003 clip_image001 

The event was held inside the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb on Saturday afternoon.

After a short welcome keynote, there were three sessions: Windows Azure, Silverlight 5 and Kinect, all held by local MVPs. Azure is a pretty hot topic in Croatia because very soon it’ll be available on this market. In addition the sessions, they had given away 47 trial Azure accounts. The Silverlight 5 session was very interesting because it was the first public mention of Silverlight 5 in Croatia, only nine days after the global announcement. Kinect session wasn’t about playing and games, although people had an opportunity to play during breaks; they analyzed its potential from a developers’ point of view.


The feedback they got was very positive and thanks to a great promotional efforts, there were many new faces that weren’t part of the community before. Also, the event was mentioned in many blogs (here as an example), local forums and local IT Magazines.

The event was organized by the local User Group leaders and MVPs Domagoj Pavlešić and Jerislav Bobić), with the help of Microsoft Croatia DPE team, the Faculty of Humanities and the Microsoft Student Partners Program.

Congratulations on this big achievement !