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First week, second one..

I didn’t have much time to review and update my blog but, as I’m here in a Starbucks in downtown Seattle waiting to get a bus to the new destination, I thought it was worthy to write down some notes.
The MVP Global Summit (#mvp11) has been a great experience to me, to my colleagues and, to my knowledge, to the MVPs. It’s always amazing to get together in this place, far far away from our hometown. It’s about building relationships, interacting with the Product Teams, engage on with new opportunities and of course having a great time during the evenings. Great technical sessions, an amazing event organization, the Safeco Field Party, the Product Group dinners, I think almost everything was perfect. Of course there’s room to grow and of course some of you may not have been that satisfied with a particular session. But it’s not that easy to accomodate all of you, because of the different backgrounds and skills you may have.
Personally, I’m very happy with the whole event. Every year is better and better.
I had almost 100 MVPs coming from the Region I represent which is huge and my only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to talk with all of you guys. I just wanted to talk with all you but I just couldn’t ! 🙂 At least I met almost all of you which is good.

Time flies and now you’re probably headed back home. I hope you’re taking with you great memories to tell your friends and families..

I’ll see you soon !

And the Journey starts..

I’m here at the International Malpensa Airport, waiting to be called for my flight. I’ll get another @ Frankfurt and then directly to Seattle. Yes, it’s a long flight but definitely worthy. The reason: the MVP Global Summit. The goal: gather all the MVPs from all around the World and interact with them (fun parts are also provided :)). I participated to a lot of Summits but everytime is a new emotion, a new challenge. I’ll have the chance to meet not only MVPs from the Region I represent, but also other Influencers and of course a lot of US and International colleagues. It’s a unique experience to be there altogether and interact and discuss with the Product Teams, having roundtables, being involved in early product lifecycle phases and so forth. I just can’t wait to be there and I know some MVPs are already there so wait for me for all the fun, will you? 🙂

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7

Wow, pretty impressive !!!

Be aware #cipcip Smile

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Technorati tip…

Per chi fosse un technorati-maniac,

Ho trovato un piccolo tip per vedere chi vi ha linkato su Technorati. In pratica, la “Technorati Authority” rappresenta il numero di blog che vi hanno linkato negli ultimi 6 mesi. La cosa importante da sapere è che viene misurato il numero dei blog “linkanti”: quindi, se un blog vi linka più volte, il ranking rimarrà sempre invariato (+1).

Il numero che ne consegue rappresenta quanto siete distanti dal #1.

Quindi, se vi chiedete chi e quante volte siete stati linkati basta digitare questo link:

sostituendo a “” il vostro sito et: voilà ! :)

Link to: Find out how many blogs link to your website Technorati tip (Website Design Tips – Hypergurl)

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La Bandiera di San Giorgio..

La Repubblica di Genova (1099 – 1860), che comprendeva tutta la Liguria, parte della Costa Azzurra e la Corsica, è stata legata all’Inghilterra da un particolare: la propria bandiera.

La Croce di San Giorgio, croce rossa su sfondo bianco, divenuto patrono di Genova dopo le Crociate, sembra sia stata adottata dalla città di Londra nel 1190 affinchè le navi inglesi, dirette verso il Mare Nostrum, fossero protette dalle imbarcazioni genovesi in caso di eventuali attacchi da parte dei pirati. Ovviamente, per questo servigio ogni anno gli inglesi pagavano un dazio al Doge di Genova ! :)

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