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Surface Hub gets the Big Update!

Some of us today in IBV are excited. Not because the weekend is approaching (LOL) but because Microsoft recently announced the availability of the Anniversary Update for the Surface Hub!

This is not like getting the update for the Phone (which was exciting, yes, but not at this point), this is about seeing what the Update will bring to the device we in IBV use the most, together of course with our HoloLens.

This morning we will be running around and check the installation on our 3 different Surface Hubs. It’s a big improvement also because it will enable us to do much more on the Hub (other than of course solving several bugs).

But the primary reason we are excited about it’s because of our app CollaBoard, specifically designed for Windows 10 Devices with Ink capabilities (and who’s better than the Surface Hub ?? :)). I think it’s an amazing app, it brings a lot of additional value to the device, it brings real-time collaboration where everybody were waiting for it, and much more.


I will tell you more about our app but, in the meantime, let’s go run the Hubs and start the Engines 🙂 !!

Best App for Ipad ?

if you know me, you’d know that I don’t post on Apple that much. Because basically I don’t like it. That’s it. It’s something that go way back till the 80’s when everybody was saying “I have an Apple, it’s better than a PC” or “Apple is better for graphics”. So I tried to keep these assumptions out of my head and “forced” myself to do it. Only once..

But there’s a reason for that.

A friend of mine showed me this yesterday and I was like WOW !!!

Bing is getting better and better, hopefully we will see this in Windows & Windows Phone :)

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Jabra Extreme

As I changed a lot of Smartphones throughout the years, of course my needs where going side by side with the technology evolution.

So I remember I was using the same old headphones with that long cable that was very disturbing and of course uncomfortable.

Then the Bluetooth headsets came to market and to me, that was like a cable-free life !

Of course there were issues at the beginning, calls dropped, pairing not successful and other stuff you probably experienced yourself.

Then, I guess it was 2 years ago, I bought my first Jabra one and I fell in love with it. It was the old Jabra BT 150 but then, after a massive use of it, the battery was gone. So I got into the market and searched for new stuff and I realized the Bluetooth headsets’ market did a big jump ahead in terms of connectivity, easy of use, battery life, etc.

So went to the site, discovered the Jabra Extreme, ordered it and started to use it in less than a week. And I was astonished by the number of features compared to my old one (and the others I saw in various shops).

First: Connectivity. You can pair it with 2 mobile phone simultaneously. Of course if you pair it with one phone (in my case, a Windows Phone) I can also use the voice dial feature (which is really cool, by the way !). Overall. you can pair with 8 devices (not sure if anyone will use this feature but, hey, it’s cool!)

Second: charging. Finally, you can use your USB port to charge. It also has a very little AC power supply and the car recharger included. It’s micro-USB so…:).

Third: Battery life. I never had the battery dead. Ever. Yes, this comes along with the fact that you can charge it almost everywhere.

Fourth: it’s a Jabra! You have Support, you can get the latest firmware, it’s robust, small and the audio quality is great.

So, if you are in need to change your Bluetooth headsets, I’d really recommend this one !

Link to: Products – Bluetooth Headsets – Jabra EXTREME

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Palm Treo 750v VS Palm Treo Pro

As I wrote in my last post,

I would like to dig into this new Palm Treo Pro that I recently bought. What I would like to do, as I’ve been a Treo 750v user for quite a long time, is a comparison between the two models (using Windows Mobile 6 in the first one and Windows Mobile 6.1 in the latest one).

Treo 750v Treo Pro

Some Palm Treo 750v Highlights (specs):

– Very ergonomic hardware

– Hardware buttons easy to use (for e-mails, text messages, etc) that you really forget you have a touch screen

– Windows Mobile 6 customized by Palm

And some Lowlights:

– Battery life (1200 mAh)

– Sync only Cable

– 300 MHz Processor

– Missing internal GPS and Wi-FI

– No switch-off button (just standing-by)

– Some issues with Active Sync through Exchange Server

– Audio and calls issues

Some Palm Treo Pro Highlights (specs):

– Battery life (1500 mAh)


– 400 MHz Processor

– More memory (256 + 128 MB Ram) available

– microSDHC (up to 32 GB)

– Windows Mobile 6.1 customized by Palm

– micro-USB connector

And some Lowlights:

– Stylish but not ergonomic (I prefer the US-only Palm Treo 800w)

– Reset button is under the battery cover (you have to slip that out to click that button)

– Keyboard is not that usable as the Palm Treo 750v (too-close buttons)

– No switch-off button (even if the rumors said otherwise)

That said, I’m very satisfied with this new device as it has all the stuff that I’m in need of (well, even more :))

Link to: Treo Pro Briefly Unveiled – Treonauts


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I got it !

After days and days and days of talking and rumors, what was I supposed to do? Simply talking ? Of course not ! (everyone needs to reward himself sometimes :))


I found the device @ 399 € (Vodafone branded) which is quite good, considering that in Europe, unbranded, it is sold at 100 bucks more. If you want to know more about the Palm Treo Pro, you can find specs and out-of-the-box videos everywhere.

So I won’t cover those topics but expect a solid review from me shortly ;-)

Link to: Treo 800w Specifications – Treonauts