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Out Of Office (just for a while)

We have a lot of stuff coming up in FY13, lots of events (one above all, the Regional CEE & Italy MVP Summit during KulenDayz), Build, MVP Global Summit in US, and all the local events, MS and community events that will be held in the whole Region (and they are a lot, believe me..).
There are also lots and lots of online activities, from the forums posts to the webcasts/screencasts, from books and e-books to technical articles. Microsoft MVPs, the User Group Presidents, the Student Partners, the Regional Directors. In a word, the whole community ecosystem is already on track to deliver world-class technical activities f which thousands and thousands peers and users will benefit of.

I thought this was the best time to take some days off and make a blog post using my Windows Phone before the whole “community machine” will unleash its full power.

So now I’m taking a full break, relaxing a bit before the “unleash hell” command will be given 🙂

See you very soon!

First week, second one..

I didn’t have much time to review and update my blog but, as I’m here in a Starbucks in downtown Seattle waiting to get a bus to the new destination, I thought it was worthy to write down some notes.
The MVP Global Summit (#mvp11) has been a great experience to me, to my colleagues and, to my knowledge, to the MVPs. It’s always amazing to get together in this place, far far away from our hometown. It’s about building relationships, interacting with the Product Teams, engage on with new opportunities and of course having a great time during the evenings. Great technical sessions, an amazing event organization, the Safeco Field Party, the Product Group dinners, I think almost everything was perfect. Of course there’s room to grow and of course some of you may not have been that satisfied with a particular session. But it’s not that easy to accomodate all of you, because of the different backgrounds and skills you may have.
Personally, I’m very happy with the whole event. Every year is better and better.
I had almost 100 MVPs coming from the Region I represent which is huge and my only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to talk with all of you guys. I just wanted to talk with all you but I just couldn’t ! 🙂 At least I met almost all of you which is good.

Time flies and now you’re probably headed back home. I hope you’re taking with you great memories to tell your friends and families..

I’ll see you soon !

Just wishing you…

Wherever you are, wherever you’ll be, just wanted to wish you:

Feliĉan novan jaron (Esperanto)! Felix sit annus novus (Latin)! Gëzuar vitin e ri! Sretna nova godina! šťastný nový rok! Head uut aastat! Kali chronia! Boldog új évet! Buon Anno! Feliçe annu nœvu (Ligurian)! Laimingų Naujųjų Metų! Srekna nova godina! Is-sena t-tajba! Szczęśliwego nowego roku! Un an nou fericit! Срећна нова година! šťastný nový rok! srečno novo leto! blwyddyn newydd dda !!


 Happy New Year !!!




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Love this commercial :)

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Server Quest II

This brings me back to the 80’s when the games where real fun (compared to that age, of course :))

“The sequel to last year’s ServerQuest has arrived. Be prepared to be ushered into a world where the IT Pro rules (no offense to Devs ;-)). Find out if you’re geek enough to play and experience “a day in a Geek’s life” with ServerQuest II—with your reputation on the line, only the server can save you.  Once you’ve played, you’ll want to talk it up and share the link!”

Here is the story around:
The company’s  resident IT professional extraordinaire has just returned from a much-deserved vacation but, in a temporary spell of relaxed judgment, has jeopardized their reputation with a poorly placed email and forwarded personal holiday snaps to the entire staff. Now they have to excavate through the email chain to find the offending photos – all while keeping the office online.
In Server Quest II, the sequel to last year’s pixellated adventure, players must hone their technical prowess in order to prove once and for all why the tech pros take the cake. From software support to sidequests, players will get behind the curtain and live the life of a server genius fighting for respect.

Let’s go play it, but put some WHAM! or Spandau Ballet music on your ears while playing :)

Link to: Microsoft TechNet – Server Quest II

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A Day at the Bottega, A Night at the Pub…

Sometimes it’s nice to break the routine and have a different day.

It happened last week, when I had the chance to be invited by Andrea Saltarello (I know Andre, I should have passed by months ago!) to the Managed Designs. Nice office, in the city center of Milano, modern and hospitable, and a little bit “rough” in a perfect dev style :D. Of course we talked a lot about User Groups and local Communities but also the boss was so kind to show me servers, routers, and other machineries (I have to say, after a while I lost him in the description :)). I met some other colleagues, some of which I knew already like Roberto Messora and Markino (during lunch), and I’m sure I bothered them a bit while they were solving some issues :)

In the evening, a great Community Dinner in a pub with some friends (Pino, Ale, Andre, Gab, Lica, Nino, Mighell, Giorgio and others): of course we had great fun, talking about System Center Essentials, Performance Point, Operations Manager and other very well known stuff (next evaluation: @ the next MVP Open Days !! ;-))

In the end, Nino got a new nickname: Aulin (or, better, Aulin Granulato) as you can see by the picture:

IMAGE_068 :D

Thank you so much guys, we should definitely get together and do it again very soon!

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Termine da me coniato durante una serata di “bagordi” (ma perchè ho messo le virgolette poi? :)) per definire gli abitanti di Seattle, via di mezzo tra Seattleties e appetizers…

Sono tornato proprio ieri, dopo un mese e mezzo di Internship, una specie di affiancamento ad un gruppo di lavoro di base a Sammamish legato sempre al mondo delle Community.

Esperienza unica, indimenticabile, sia sotto il profilo umano che professionale. Seattle, viverla come cittadino, è davvero magica. Per noi, nonostante i grattacieli e le notizie che ci provengono da Oltreoceano, non è altro che una cittadina di provincia. Ma il senso civico, quello è davvero unico (unico anche rispetto a molte altre città americane, NY in primis).

Gente che ti saluta per strada, ti chiedono “cosa fai stasera di bello?” in ascensore, ti fanno immettere in un’altra corsia senza dover ringraziare (lo facevo sempre ma poi ho visto che qui non è usanza, è semplicemente una regola di buona norma). Per chi guida poi, 2 regolette da tener presente: ad alcuni semafori, col rosso, si può girare (a meno di cartelli che dicano il contrario). Agli incroci, “a bocce ferme”, passa chi è arrivato per prima, e a seguire tutti gli altri (in ordine di arrivo). Le code sembrano infinite ma poi non lo sono, in autostrada c’è una corsia preferenziale per chi è in 2 o più di due (e tutti, dico tutti, rispettano queste legge). Il clacson è opzionale mentre il vano per il caffè di Starbucks è di serie su tutte le auto :)

Ho imparato molte cose laggiù, ho parlato con parecchi colleghi della MVP Organization ed altrettanti Gruppi di Prodotto, conosciuto volti nuovi, rappresentato EMEA e ovviamente l’Italia.

Come ho già detto in un altro post, non vedo già l’ora di tornare !

P.S: Avrei tanto altro da raccontare ma è notte fonda quindi, se riesco, torno a dormire… :)

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