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Polish MVP Award website is now live!

I’m very happy to announce that the Unofficial MVP Polish website is now live !

It has completely built from the ground up from the Polish MVPs with the aim to have a local website to feature local activities, publications, profiles and a lot more.

One interest data is the list of former and actual Microsoft MVPs (http://msmvp.pl/lista-mvp). You’ll also find interviews, photos, personal links and bios published by the MVPs.

More data is expected to come soon so I’d recommend to check back the site for more info.

In addition, static content includes an MVP Award Program description and a simple FAQ.
One of the most complex solutions in the whole project is the RSS aggregator that combines all Polish MVP blog feeds (those that agreed and provided their feeds) and makes it available for consumption. The aggregator itself was extracted to a separate side-project, hosted on GitHub.

Polish MVP Website

Last but not least, the website has some basic Twitter integration as it shows all Polish MVPs tweets in a side gadget.
The whole look-and-feel was designed to resemble the @Metro UI philosophy, implemented in plain html/css/javascript.

It has been built using Nancy (http://nancyfx.org/) for web application layer and Simple.Data (https://github.com/markrendle/Simple.Data/) for data access."

What about the minds behind that?

Maciej Aniserowicz for once ! And then Jakub Gutkowski who helped Maciej with the twitter integration and testing. The UI was done for free by DevCore.NET.

Congratulations guys, the site is awesome!

Link to: Program Microsoft MVP w Polsce

  1. betathome
    29/07/2012 at 12:33

    Hi belead.me webmaster, i see many interesting point here.Thanks for sharing !

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