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How I managed my Windows Live IDs (error code 8015341B)

Recently I decided to change my primary Windows Live ID.

It worked but it was kind of tricky and let me explain this to you.

There reason behind this was that I had 2 Windows Live IDs: one for XBOX Live and Zune and one for the emails/calendar etc.

All worked perfectly but, as I wanted to have just one ID for all services (and this include my Windows Phone) I decided it was the time to do that.

There’s nothing wrong to have 2 Windows Live IDs, especially for Windows Phone but I like things to be simple and agile :)

The first thing I needed to change, which was quite important, were the services linked to that “old primary” Hotmail account. My primary email needed to change and so for the Internet service provider primary email, bank account, automatic payments for electricity, etc.

Then I decided: ok, let’s go to my XBOX live and change the Live ID. On the XBOX 360, you can actually “move” your Avatar (your account) from one Hotmail account to another. Only one time every 30 days.

But this didn’t work.

So I discovered what was wrong: my secondary Hotmail account that I wanted to use was linked to another XBOX Live account. After some phone calls with the XBOX Support, they suggested me to unlink that Hotmail account with “my secondary” XBOX Avatar.

But you can’t do it.

On the XBOX Live I tried to link my XBOX Live account to my other Hotmail account but I received the error “8015341B”. I searched through the Internet and found some articles: one in particular seemed to be describing my problem…(the article also shows, if you’re interested, how to change the Windows Live ID that is associated with your Xbox LIVE Gamertag).

Then I realized what was also wrong with that Live ID:

the one that I wanted to use was US Region.

In this case, there’s nothing you can do: Regions are not compatible with each other (at least at the moment).

So they suggested me to create a new email account (say, a Yahoo account) and, through the XBOX and associate my Avatar to that “temporary” email account.

As you may know, you can’t delete an XBOX Live Account so that was the perfect “workaround” to my problem. So I associated that Yahoo account to my XBOX Gamertag first.

Then I created a new Hotmail account (say name.lastname@hotmail.com). This Hotmail account was brand new, European Region, and not linked to any XBOX Live.

I used the XBOX to associate my Gamertag to this new email account and voilà, the merge was completed !


I know, it’s not easy to understand as there are 3 Hotmail accounts and 1 Yahoo account in this description so I apologize if this is not that clear but in the end I solved my issue.

I had to “spam” my Messenger friends and tell them (with an automatic email) that I changed my Messenger account so I have to apologize to them for that too :)

But in the end what I achieved was: I have one Hotmail account associated with one XBOX Live/Zune Pass/Inbox/Calendar/Messenger and got rid of all the other email accounts.

And, to summarize, the reasons why it was not that easy were basically 2:

  • my Hotmail accounts were created in different Regions
  • both of them were linked to 2 XBOX Live Gamertags

You can still merge 2 Windows Live IDs (by going to http://profile.live.com but this is for easy switching from one to another).

And that was it :)

  1. 30/11/1999 at 02:00

    Way to go, glad that you get that sorted out. 🙂

    Also, interesting to note that Xbox is – to my knowledge – the only way to link and unlink accounts like that and carry on also your Zune account, your subscriptions etc..

    • 06/07/2011 at 07:10

      Exactly Luigi ! The only problem that I’m experiencing right now are the Facebook Birthdays (going Off Topic for a while :)): in the profile.live.com I already connected my Facebook account and, when I go to Calendar, it says that it’s importing birthdays (I presume FB birthdays). But it’s been like more than a week that I keep on seeing that message and nothing happened so far. Just FYI: with my old hotmail account everything worked fine. Thanks for you support :))

  2. dogfly
    30/11/1999 at 02:00

    I’m doing that but it keeps coming up as “can’t retrieve information from Xbox live please try again later
    status code 8015341B … D:

    • 06/07/2011 at 07:04

      Hi dogfly, it seems you have the same issue I had. Basically what I recommend you is: first check your secondary Live ID (the one you want to migrate your account) if it’s already associated with a Gamertag. If not, create a new hotmail account using the same Region your XBOX is using. Then try to move your account to this newly created hotmail account. If it works, then the problem is clearly the same one I had.

  3. 05/07/2011 at 08:58

    Good story, now I’m in the last step too (I have all the services already on the live id I wanna use as primary); but it seems I’m not able to import the messenger contacts from one account to the other.
    I’ve tried with all the articles and guides I could find around without any result: when I export all my contacts and import them, the wizard asks me to resolve the duplicate contact issues, but when the process ends I can’t see any contact being added under my MSN list.

    Any suggestions or help?

    Thanks for your time
    Alessandro Giorgetti

  4. 06/07/2011 at 07:07

    Hi Alessandro,
    I didn’t experience this issue but, from what I understand, you cannot import your messenger contacts. You can import your Windows Live contacts though, and then make your Live ID sends an email to all your messenger contacts saying that you changed your Messenger alias. Also, if this is related to XBOX Live, maybe worth a try to contact the @XboxSupport on Twitter. They are very fast and reliable and they reply to all the questions 😉

    • 08/07/2011 at 09:12

      Ok, thinking of it it’s reasonable, people should be aware of my new live id before contacting me.
      I’m only missing the ‘mass email’ part, it seems I’m not able to find show to do it; I’ll look for hints on the web 🙂
      Thanks again.

      • 08/07/2011 at 09:31

        I have found how to do it, thank you so much for the hint.
        It was a bit hidden option to be honest 😀

      • 08/07/2011 at 15:16

        glad you solved your issues, Ale! 🙂

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