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How I managed my Windows Live IDs (error code 8015341B)

Recently I decided to change my primary Windows Live ID.

It worked but it was kind of tricky and let me explain this to you.

There reason behind this was that I had 2 Windows Live IDs: one for XBOX Live and Zune and one for the emails/calendar etc.

All worked perfectly but, as I wanted to have just one ID for all services (and this include my Windows Phone) I decided it was the time to do that.

There’s nothing wrong to have 2 Windows Live IDs, especially for Windows Phone but I like things to be simple and agile :)

The first thing I needed to change, which was quite important, were the services linked to that “old primary” Hotmail account. My primary email needed to change and so for the Internet service provider primary email, bank account, automatic payments for electricity, etc.

Then I decided: ok, let’s go to my XBOX live and change the Live ID. On the XBOX 360, you can actually “move” your Avatar (your account) from one Hotmail account to another. Only one time every 30 days.

But this didn’t work.

So I discovered what was wrong: my secondary Hotmail account that I wanted to use was linked to another XBOX Live account. After some phone calls with the XBOX Support, they suggested me to unlink that Hotmail account with “my secondary” XBOX Avatar.

But you can’t do it.

On the XBOX Live I tried to link my XBOX Live account to my other Hotmail account but I received the error “8015341B”. I searched through the Internet and found some articles: one in particular seemed to be describing my problem…(the article also shows, if you’re interested, how to change the Windows Live ID that is associated with your Xbox LIVE Gamertag).

Then I realized what was also wrong with that Live ID:

the one that I wanted to use was US Region.

In this case, there’s nothing you can do: Regions are not compatible with each other (at least at the moment).

So they suggested me to create a new email account (say, a Yahoo account) and, through the XBOX and associate my Avatar to that “temporary” email account.

As you may know, you can’t delete an XBOX Live Account so that was the perfect “workaround” to my problem. So I associated that Yahoo account to my XBOX Gamertag first.

Then I created a new Hotmail account (say This Hotmail account was brand new, European Region, and not linked to any XBOX Live.

I used the XBOX to associate my Gamertag to this new email account and voilà, the merge was completed !


I know, it’s not easy to understand as there are 3 Hotmail accounts and 1 Yahoo account in this description so I apologize if this is not that clear but in the end I solved my issue.

I had to “spam” my Messenger friends and tell them (with an automatic email) that I changed my Messenger account so I have to apologize to them for that too :)

But in the end what I achieved was: I have one Hotmail account associated with one XBOX Live/Zune Pass/Inbox/Calendar/Messenger and got rid of all the other email accounts.

And, to summarize, the reasons why it was not that easy were basically 2:

  • my Hotmail accounts were created in different Regions
  • both of them were linked to 2 XBOX Live Gamertags

You can still merge 2 Windows Live IDs (by going to but this is for easy switching from one to another).

And that was it :)

Microsoft MVP Award – July 2011 !

It’s the first of July and I’m here to announce another important milestone in the MVP Award Program.

We evaluated, scrutinized, “monitored” and got recommendations of outstanding community contributors in the Region I represent (Italy & CEE, excluding Russia + CIS Countries).

And it’s always a challenge, making sure we got all the information, making sure we nominate people in the right expertise (and it’s not always a piece o’ cake). But we ended up, hopefully, to Award the people that really deserve it !


I’m of course helped in this journey, which happens every 3 months: by dear colleague Marjorie, who really works hard on that period of time (and not only during that time :)), by the local stakeholders, including the Audience Marketing Managers up to the DPE Leads, Directors and BMO Lead who can (and actually is very appreciated) give their opinions on the candidates that are in review. I guess the actual process really works thanks to all the people that are involved in this (and they are a lot, believe me :)).

Having said that I would like to announce the newly Awarded MVPs for the 1st of July (sorted by name):

MVP Technical Expertise Country/Region
Darko  Milevski SharePoint Server Macedonia F.Y.R.O
Grzegorz  Rycaj Visual Studio ALM Poland
Hajan  Selmani ASP.NET/IIS Macedonia F.Y.R.O
Joanna  Subik System Center Operations Manager Poland
Kaido  Järvemets System Center Configuration Manager Estonia
Karel  Klatovský Remote Desktop Services Czech Republic
Margarita  Naumova SQL Server Bulgaria
Martin Wilhelm Angler SharePoint Server Italy
Peter  Gubarevich Enterprise Security Latvia
Peter  Holpar SharePoint Server Hungary
Piotr  Pawlik Exchange Server Poland
Radi  Atanassov SharePoint Server Bulgaria
Rok  Bermež Windows Azure Slovenia
Salvatore  Di Fazio SharePoint Server Italy
Slavko  Kukrika Windows Expert-IT Pro Slovenia

As soon as they’ll publish the good news (hopefully it’s a good news for them :)) by blogging, micro-blogging and/or on their MVP Profiles, I will add the links to their names so you can start familiarize with them.).

A BIG CONGRATS to the MVPs who have been renewed this Award cycle: the list is long but I want to congratulate them for their hard community involvement. Being renewed is as tough as being awarded for the first time. Being involved in the online and offline community environments is a challenge (time constraints, few or no help from other community members, several trips to make speeches, spending big amount of time reviewing and writing articles and books and so forth). It’s the PASSION that drives us all, and it should always be like that.


BTW, If you don’t know nothing about the MVP Award Program, why don’t you subscribe to our blog? You’ll definitely find some good interesting stories to read !

Enjoy your Award and join me in congratulating them !