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Display your name in search with your WordPress blog

I had some time this early morning and I wanted to do some (rookie) SEO on my blog.

Basically, when I search for my name, it always appears my old blog. Even if I search my name+blog it doesn’t work. Although the search gives me a lot of links regarding my “online life”, there was no way to appear in in searching for my full name. And this happens with Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines.

Then, I finally found think link that eventually will solve my issue.

All you need to do is to go to Users –> My Profile

My profile

And in the “Display name publicly as” you need to put your full name.

You can also use the “verify external services” feature: using your other accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook and others) to confirm that you’re really what you claim to be.

There’s another little open question to me. I saw that, depending on where you are, you got different search results. This is because some services use the location based feature so, no matter if you’re writing in English, chances are that you’ll not appear in your searches when you are in a foreign Country. Do you have any ideas on how this works ?

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