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Home of Technical Communities

If you are in the IT Market and involved in a local community/User Group, you may have heard about INETA, GITCA and PASS.

These are technical “networks” where you can find relevant information regarding User Group events/articles/content and any other interesting stuff for the topics you may be interested in.

Then we had UGSS, a repository of all the information, including all the topics and all audiences (Developers, ITPros, Information Workers and Consumers).

Now UGSS entered a new phase with the launch on


The web interface is way better than the old one. From a user perspective, it helps you find content and events very easily.

From a User Group President perspective, you can do more. You can search for sponsors, available speakers when it comes to organize an event (by doing a search by audience/product), content and funding. There are also some User Group training kits (they don’t cover all technologies yet) available for you to consume.

It’s very easy to register and, if you are a user like me, you can subscribe up to 10 User Groups everywhere in the world so to be informed on what is going on in the Countries and the topics you are interested in.

So, if you are a technical speaker, this is a good chance to improve your reputation and start collaborating with other User Groups. If you are a User Group President or part of the Board, this is a good way to promote your events and find relevant speakers if you can’t find one, say, on Windows Azure. Also, you can make a request on booking one of the many Microsoft Innovation Centers to hold your event.

The existing data from UGSS have already been migrated but it’s still an ongoing process so please feel free to send an email to to report an issue or make a request.

Enjoy ! :)

Link to: UGSS – Home