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Subscribe to my new RSS feed

Hi there,

I was “fighting” yesterday night to understand how to link my WordPress feed into my Feedburner account.

Now I finally made it, even though for some reasons I cannot get rid of the old big RSS icon on the right bar….(anyway I’ll take some time to do that in the weekend).

So my personal request is: please subscribe to my new RSS feed.

RSS Feed

thanks ! :)

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Pinging blog posts

I already blogged about this topic some time ago (a blog post I moved from my old blog to this new one) but things change pretty fast in this IT world.

Basically what I wanted to talk about is the pinging servers functionality. This “feature” lets you ping servers everywhere in the world for each and every one blog post you do.

It’s a very common activity bloggers do in order to “boost” their blogs and thus increase their reputation and ranking among search engines.

One of the most popular online one is (still) Ping-o-Matic but there are plenty others out there.

What is interesting is that, if you use Windows Live Writer, you can easily add the servers you want to ping just one time and the Writer will do the rest.

All you need to do is go to the Insert Tab, Plug-in options and select Ping Servers.

ping servers

Then, in that box, you can add all your ping servers you want !

Below you can find a non-comprehensive list of servers to ping I found in the web. Sorry if some servers are duplicated (or not working anymore) but hey WLW will not complain about that :)


Feel free to add your own ones and enjoy !

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