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Windows Phone & Windows Live

I’m not sure if you got it but, in my previous post, I put a link in the Windows Phone logo.

During my trips and my online meetings, I talked with different people and realized some of them don’t know about this feature included in Windows Live.

It’s a service provided for your #wp7 Phone or, better, it’s a suite of services for your phone.

At this link:, login using your Windows Live ID you used as a primary Live ID account for your Phone.

You’ll get something like that:


From this page you can do a lot of stuff:

  • Find, Ring, Lock & Erase your Phone remotely (you need to setup the Mapping feature just by inputting your phone number)
  • Make WL send an email when you map, ring, erase, or lock your phone
  • If you enabled the Location Service on your phone, you make WL send a text message to try to find your phone last time it was localized by the internal GPS
  • Look at the pictures you uploaded on SkyDrive through your Phone
  • Play with your XBOX Live Avatar
  • View your OneNotes and calendar events
  • Check your SkyDrive storage
  • and plenty of tips and tricks

It basically replaced the MyPhone application that was present on Windows Mobile 6.5, adding new features to it.

I’m not sure how many times I’ll go there, but it’s good to know just in case you lose your phone :)