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MVP Global Summit – my thoughts

I’m here in Frankfurt waiting for another connection so I wanted to take some time to write my thoughts on the latest Global Summit 2011.

From my point of view it was great: the organizational part was simply perfect, a lot of MVP interactions, tons of technical sessions available for the MVPs.
From a professional and personal, I can say I’m very satisfied overall.
Of course I didn’t attend many technical sessions (you are the technical gurus :)) bit, but I did ask to each and every one of you who the event was going, on a daily basis. And I received great feedback!
This means a lot to me bit also to the ones who made this event memorable: from the keynotes to the attendee party, from the MVP-MVP gathering to the Safeco Field event, everything went so great.
Of course there’s always room to improve, nothing is perfect.
Bit bear in mind that this event is a combination of different things: making sure the Product Teams are available and ready to share (and sometimes it can happen there’s not much to share, considering the NDA) the hotel booking the buses, dinners and whatever comes to your mind. As this is still the biggest Partner Conference held in the Microsoft Campus, you can imagine how hard it is.

I’m so happy with the results I can’t imagine how hard it would be to deliver the same experience next year 🙂
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