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Windows Phone & Windows Live

I’m not sure if you got it but, in my previous post, I put a link in the Windows Phone logo.

During my trips and my online meetings, I talked with different people and realized some of them don’t know about this feature included in Windows Live.

It’s a service provided for your #wp7 Phone or, better, it’s a suite of services for your phone.

At this link:, login using your Windows Live ID you used as a primary Live ID account for your Phone.

You’ll get something like that:


From this page you can do a lot of stuff:

  • Find, Ring, Lock & Erase your Phone remotely (you need to setup the Mapping feature just by inputting your phone number)
  • Make WL send an email when you map, ring, erase, or lock your phone
  • If you enabled the Location Service on your phone, you make WL send a text message to try to find your phone last time it was localized by the internal GPS
  • Look at the pictures you uploaded on SkyDrive through your Phone
  • Play with your XBOX Live Avatar
  • View your OneNotes and calendar events
  • Check your SkyDrive storage
  • and plenty of tips and tricks

It basically replaced the MyPhone application that was present on Windows Mobile 6.5, adding new features to it.

I’m not sure how many times I’ll go there, but it’s good to know just in case you lose your phone :)

Some news regarding the Windows Phone Marketplace

I was in search for some news regarding publishing opportunities in Countries where the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is not yet available and then I found this article from MVP Michele Locuratolo (you can read the full story here though).

wp7As you can see, there are some news regarding this topic but I wanted to highlight this particular one, which would be useful to a lot of you I guess:

Global Publisher Program

“As Windows Phone 7 continues to evolve as a platform, we will continue to expand the opportunities for developers. One area of focus for us is reaching developers in more countries and regions around the world. To that end, I’m pleased to announce today a new Global Publisher Program. This program will enable developers worldwide to work with a Global Publisher to submit apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Developers from countries and regions all over the world can now submit apps and games to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

How It Works: Publishers will submit applications to Marketplace on behalf of their developer customers, according to pricing and service terms defined by the Publisher. For example, During TechEd Middle East in Dubai, Microsoft Senior Vice President, Developer Division, S. Somasegar announced the launch of Yalla Apps, a new regional Windows Phone application publishing portal managed by Global Publisher, Prototype Interactive. Yalla Apps enables developers to submit and publish Windows Phone 7 applications from the developer community across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. We are working with additional Global Publishers in other regions to bring the same opportunity to more developers around the world.”

Have fun :)

Link to: { The Smoking Code } | [#WP7DEV] Alcune news relative al Marketplace

MVP Global Summit – my thoughts

I’m here in Frankfurt waiting for another connection so I wanted to take some time to write my thoughts on the latest Global Summit 2011.

From my point of view it was great: the organizational part was simply perfect, a lot of MVP interactions, tons of technical sessions available for the MVPs.
From a professional and personal, I can say I’m very satisfied overall.
Of course I didn’t attend many technical sessions (you are the technical gurus :)) bit, but I did ask to each and every one of you who the event was going, on a daily basis. And I received great feedback!
This means a lot to me bit also to the ones who made this event memorable: from the keynotes to the attendee party, from the MVP-MVP gathering to the Safeco Field event, everything went so great.
Of course there’s always room to improve, nothing is perfect.
Bit bear in mind that this event is a combination of different things: making sure the Product Teams are available and ready to share (and sometimes it can happen there’s not much to share, considering the NDA) the hotel booking the buses, dinners and whatever comes to your mind. As this is still the biggest Partner Conference held in the Microsoft Campus, you can imagine how hard it is.

I’m so happy with the results I can’t imagine how hard it would be to deliver the same experience next year 🙂
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testing my old ping account

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First week, second one..

I didn’t have much time to review and update my blog but, as I’m here in a Starbucks in downtown Seattle waiting to get a bus to the new destination, I thought it was worthy to write down some notes.
The MVP Global Summit (#mvp11) has been a great experience to me, to my colleagues and, to my knowledge, to the MVPs. It’s always amazing to get together in this place, far far away from our hometown. It’s about building relationships, interacting with the Product Teams, engage on with new opportunities and of course having a great time during the evenings. Great technical sessions, an amazing event organization, the Safeco Field Party, the Product Group dinners, I think almost everything was perfect. Of course there’s room to grow and of course some of you may not have been that satisfied with a particular session. But it’s not that easy to accomodate all of you, because of the different backgrounds and skills you may have.
Personally, I’m very happy with the whole event. Every year is better and better.
I had almost 100 MVPs coming from the Region I represent which is huge and my only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to talk with all of you guys. I just wanted to talk with all you but I just couldn’t ! 🙂 At least I met almost all of you which is good.

Time flies and now you’re probably headed back home. I hope you’re taking with you great memories to tell your friends and families..

I’ll see you soon !