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A Message to the MVPs

Hi all,

I know it sounds strange as I’m not sending an e-mail but rather posting here.

As you may have seen, I make blog posts about my personal experiences but also (I’d say fore and foremost) about YOUR events. Community events, Meetups, Presentations, Ask The Expert activities, everything that has a sense to promote it I will do it.

Of course I will include Microsoft events as well, in which you participated the most. But all the other community activities you do and you want to spread the word about I’m here to echoes them! I monitor the social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn mostly) but sometimes it’s inevitable that I’d miss something.

So my message (and it’s not only to the MVPs but also for UG Presidents) is: let me know when you do something. I think it will have a business value and will help spreading the word for future/potential engagements.

Thank you for reading my notes and keep them coming !! :)

P.S: during the next 3 to 4 weeks I’ll be very busy in doing MVP evaluations so please expect some delays in my replies. And also, please refer to our Regional alias (you know the address :)) as someone will take care of your questions… !

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