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Croatian Web User Group strikes back !

On 12/11/2010 Community Leaders Domagoj Pavlešić and Jerislav Bobić have organized a big Community Event. They wanted to celebrate the first Web User Group year, currently the most popular user group in Croatia, and the 100th meeting of DEV UG Zagreb, the oldest group in Croatia. There were 125 registrations in just a week, which is quite impressive !

clip_image003 clip_image001 

The event was held inside the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb on Saturday afternoon.

After a short welcome keynote, there were three sessions: Windows Azure, Silverlight 5 and Kinect, all held by local MVPs. Azure is a pretty hot topic in Croatia because very soon it’ll be available on this market. In addition the sessions, they had given away 47 trial Azure accounts. The Silverlight 5 session was very interesting because it was the first public mention of Silverlight 5 in Croatia, only nine days after the global announcement. Kinect session wasn’t about playing and games, although people had an opportunity to play during breaks; they analyzed its potential from a developers’ point of view.


The feedback they got was very positive and thanks to a great promotional efforts, there were many new faces that weren’t part of the community before. Also, the event was mentioned in many blogs (here as an example), local forums and local IT Magazines.

The event was organized by the local User Group leaders and MVPs Domagoj Pavlešić and Jerislav Bobić), with the help of Microsoft Croatia DPE team, the Faculty of Humanities and the Microsoft Student Partners Program.

Congratulations on this big achievement !

  1. 04/01/2011 at 10:04

    I couldn’t be there, but many folks told me it was great!

  1. 05/01/2011 at 05:30

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