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Just 10 twitter tips…


I just wanted to share some thoughts and tips regarding Twitter.

This doesn’t (of course!) want to be a comprehensive list of all the things I learnt since 2007 in using this tool. I’m sure many people touched this topic already but I’m honest: I didn’t do any research on the web. I didn’t want to be influenced by others (thus missing some stuff, inevitably).

1) Use a short nickname. By doing this, you allow people to “retweet” you very easily and you may end up being re-tweeted several times. So a long nickname won’t work (remember, maximum characters allowed are 140

2) Enter a Bio. Whether you wanna use it for fun, for business or your to promote your activities, if I want to “follow you” (= read your updates) I want to know who you are. Add short bio and a blog/website if you have it. Remember, a shorter bio is better as you may be read through different clients including the ones for smartphones (so experience may change)

3) Focus your account on yourself. I will follow you based on your interests/passions you have. So, after you updated your bio, you may start talking about the things you like most. Try to focus on 4-5 things (IMHO) and use hash tags (below) !

4) Use Hash Tags. If you want to be more “visible”, I’d recommend you to use hash tags. If you are, say, into Ford cards, write the name with the # right before it. So people with the same interests as you may find you. Same for you: if you are interested in Microsoft Lync, you just search for #Lync and you’ll find all the latest tweets related to that product

5) Use a desktop client to tweet. Going to http://twitter.com everytime you want to say something is a pain in the neck. I would recommend 2 clients you can install on your desktop: TweetDeck and MetroTwit (but there are tons more)

5) Mention others with @. When you want to mention someone else in one of your tweets, do a quick search on the web and see if she/he has a twitter account. It’s a “nice policy” to mention people by simply put @alead (this is myself, as an example)

6) Re-tweet your friends. If you think a news/tweet is worthy for you and your readers, give it a shout and re-tweet it: you may do your friend a favor :)

7) Shorten your links. This is not something you have to do as, if you are going to use a desktop client, they’ll do it automatically. But, just so you know, if you have long hyperlinks you wanna share, you can shorten your links by using some services like TinyUrl or bit.ly (remember the 140 characters limitation: the shorter, the better :))

8 ) Engage in conversations. This is important as a lot of people just post stuff but they don’t care about what the others are doing. Engaging is a many:many collaboration and, by discussing topics, you really don’t know where you’ll end up (I started to know a lot of people on Twitter before actually meeting them and that was very nice as I knew a lot about them before the meet)

9) Change your password frequently & settings. This doesn’t need to have an explanation. But beware: there are some applications that will ask you to access your twitter account. So, no matter which password you are using, they will still have access to your twitter account. So, be sure, every once in a while, to login to twitter.com, go to Connections and check the applications that have access to your account

10) Link it to Facebook & LinkedIn: if you’re really into it, you may want your FB friends and LinkedIn contacts to know what you doing. But, if you don’t want to spam Facebook, I’d recommend to use Selective Tweets which enables you to select just the tweets you want them to appear on Facebook. So, your tweets will end up with an ash tab like this (#fb for Facebook and #in for LinkedIn).

11) (only if you’re a blogger) I’d recommend to use Twitter Notify which for Windows Live Writer so, everytime you make a blog post, you’ll have the option to make an update on Twitter about your recent post…


Now, look at that (isn’t that confusing? :) It won’t be after a while, don’t worry!):

In the end, enjoy your conversations and have fun with it ! :)

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  1. sklep turystyczny
    04/01/2011 at 15:14

    Really nice & interesting post !

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