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My impressions on the Palm Pre 2

If you know me, you should know that I’m very addicted to Smartphones in general.

I always dreamt, several years ago, of a device that could do a lot of things: an all-in-one device. And now we have reached that. Camera, Internet, one cable for every device, etc.

As I’m getting my brand new Windows Phone 7 (the Company will provide me one) I bought, as a personal phone, a Palm Pre 2.

I’ve always been a big fan of Palm back in the days.


I have to say it’s perfect for personal use. It’s more like a phone than a PDA but it does almost all I need to do. Of course it’s missing a lot of features but let me get into details.

First and foremost, it is not available in all the Countries worldwide. Let’s put it the other way around: it’s only available in 4 Countries Smile (USA, Canada, UK and France at the moment).

That implies that the Catalog (Marketplace) has a small amount of applications and no paid apps are available. I see Palm (HP/Palm) is doing a pretty bad job in promoting the device. Probably after the CES there will be some announcements around new devices and web OS updates (at least there are the rumors that I’ve seen on twitter).

So let’s get into some details (I’ll skip the specs part but you can find them here):

UI/Notifications: lovely ! I really love it, you open applications and keep them opened while you scroll horizontally to move from one app to another. You can also combine 2 apps together so you can better organize your activities. The Palm also has a good notification system that goes below the ”main page”.

Keyboard: I love it. It’s not perfect (I do remember the BEST keyboard I’ve ever had !) as the buttons are very small but you can write e-mails (I mean, even long e-mails). For me it’s pretty important to have the possibility to write e-mails. I know new devices let you do that, but I’m probably too old school to use the screen Smile.

Syncing: It works. It lets you sync Facebook/LinkedIn and your Outlook/Exchange account and all the contacts are linked into a single one. If I compare it with Android, it’s a stellar device in this regard! Android was messing everything up, duplicating contacts and even trying to find the same contact in a different account (it gives you suggestions, but then it kept on doing it). Also, if you try the new HTC Desire Z, with the HTC Sense new UI interface, though graphically nice, it’s even worse. It kept on telling to link contacts but it never happened, causing to have a notification every once in a while (but I did that, I lynched those ones, did I ???!!!!).

Calendar: good. You can click on the calendar and add an appointment right away. The issue is that you can’t create meeting requests (although the device has access to the Outlook GAL so that’s strange).

Camera: yes, it’s nice but you can’t modify parameters and stuff (no options whatsoever). You can’t edit the pictures but you can upload them. Incomplete, I’d say, but does what I need to (geotagging included).

Form Factor: BRILLIANT !! That’s the thing I like most. As I have 2 devices, the second one should be very small but still with the ability to connect with your personal and professional stuff

Battery: bad, very bad. It consumes like the biggest devices on market and that is kind of strange. I know Palm is good in selling accessories so I need to buy a bigger one

SMS/MMS: nice (I’m sure some people don’t really care about it) but MMS service doesn’t work as expected. Primarily because you cannot send pictures bigger than 900 KB but you can’t edit your pictures taken from the camera. Nonsense Smile. SMS texting is good and threaded.

Social Networking: You have a lot of stuff but, again, remember your catalog is limited. So one application for tweeting, one (or probably two) for RSS, etc. And then of course you have Foursquare, Facebook, etc…

Internet: small device, small screen, bad Internet experience. Yes, it works but it’s not comparable to, say, HTC HD 7 or the HTC Desire. The experience with a Windows Phone 7 device in this regard is waaaaaaaay better. But it’s ok.

If you want more applications, I would suggest you to install the Preware, which contains beta apps and other applications. You’ll get some unstable apps but at least you have more choice.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the device as a secondary phone. It does what I need to and it’s small. I wanted to do a more comprehensive report but I don’t have much time so hope you’ll find useful anyway ! Smile

P.S: @Palm (or HP), you gotta do a better job in positioning your brand. It’s not like the old days, competition now is pretty tough (look the below nice parody for more info Winking smile):


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