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How to BCC people in a Schedule

I already talked about that in my previous blog some time ago but, as I had to do it this evening, I thought it could be worth mentioning.

If you are using Outlook, you want to send a schedule (a meeting request) but you don’t want to disclose e-mail addresses for privacy reasons, well: you can.

I know this can be pretty uncommon but some people need that.

What you need to do is the following:

Open the Meeting Request and click on the To button (below)


Click on the “Resources” button (below)


And add all the Contacts you need to. In the “Required” field, put your e-mail.

Doing so, all the e-mail addresses will appear both in the TO line and in the “Location” line as well. Then, you can easily remove all the e-mail addresses from the Location field and put the real location (or leave it blank). And you’re done !

You’ll still see all the e-mail addresses in the TO line as well but don’t worry: they won’t appear in their calendar invitations ! Smile