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New security resource for Windows 7


Microsoft Solution Accelerators—the team that brought you the Security Compliance Manager tool—has just released the latest addition to their collection of free security tools and guidance: a new setting pack for Windows 7.

The setting pack, in combination with the Windows 7 Security Baseline and the Security Compliance Manager tool, will enable you to define baselines that include settings outside the scope of the security baselines from Microsoft. You can use this new resource to define custom baselines, meet business-critical needs, and elevate the security of Windows 7.

What’s a setting pack?

Here’s the story, straight from the development team: “Since the release of the Security Compliance Manager tool, one of the most frequent requests has been to add all of the available Group Policy settings to the Microsoft-recommended baselines so that they can be accessed through the tool. While our baselines include hundreds of settings, there are hundreds of additional settings available in Group Policy. In response to this request, the team has created setting packs. The setting packs include the basic information required by the Security Compliance Manager tool to define custom baselines that you can use to create GPO backups, DCM configuration packs, and SCAP content. This is a temporary solution to address this request. A future version of the tool will provide the capability to add the settings customers need to their baseline without using a setting pack”.

How can I download the setting pack for Windows 7?

The new Windows 7 setting pack, and the previously released Windows 7 Security Baseline, are available to use with the Security Compliance Manager tool.

New users can access this setting pack by first visiting the Microsoft Download Center to download the Security Compliance Manager tool.

Existing users can access the setting pack in the tool by clicking the Tools menu, and then clicking Check for Baselines.

Next steps

To learn more about the new setting pack for Windows 7, visit the TechNet Library.

To get more information about the Security Compliance Manager tool, including new security baselines for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010, visit the SCM TechNet Library page.

Questions? Feedback? Tell it to the development team

How can I learn more about Solution Accelerators?

The Security Compliance Manager works with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to help you plan, securely deploy, and manage new Microsoft technologies—easier, faster, and at less cost. Learn more about these and other resources from Microsoft Solution Accelerators.

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