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Announcing the newly Awarded Microsoft MVPs – July 2010

I’m always happy to see new Microsoft MVPs coming onboard. No matter what the Country is, what language is, what the activities are, there’s one thing in common and I’ll never stop saying this out loud: PASSION.

We found, together with all the local subsidiaries I’m in touch with, exceptional Community Leaders in different areas that, for what they voluntarily did in their spare time, really deserved the Award.


And I’m happy to announce that we Awarded 8 new Microsoft MVPs in the Countries I’m responsible for:

Name Country Technical Expertise
Giuseppe Marchi Italy SharePoint Server
Kuba Skalbania Poland Dynamics CRM
Lukas Kubis Czech Republic Connected System Developer
Mladen Prajdic Slovenia SQL Server
….. Czech Republic Setup & Deployment
Silvio Sagovac Croatia Windows Desktop Experience
Tobiasz Koprowski Poland SQL Server
Tomas Dabasinskas Lithuania Windows Desktop Experience

(you’ll see the names as they publish this news on their blogs and on their MVP Profiles).

Congratulations to y’all: I can’t wait to start collaborating with you !! And of course Congratulations to the re-awarded MVPs (and you know who you are !! Winking smile)

BTW, if you want to know more about the MVP Award Program, be sure to read our blog and follow me Smile

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