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Sinergija 09, Fresh from Microsoft !

One of the biggest IT Conference in CEE is now starts its engine: from the 17th to the 19th of November, ITPros, Developers and Information Workers can benefit of an early bird price (until the 5th of November) for Sinergija 09 that will be held in Beograd, Serbia.


The event will be split in these main areas:

  • Business Intelligence and Database platform
  • Developer Tools
  • Office and SharePoint
  • Unified Communication, Messaging and Mobility
  • Server, Management tools and Security
  • Windows Client
  • Microsoft Business Solution
  • Business Track
  • Sponsor sessions

    Featuring: Damir Dizdarevic, Tomislav Bronzin, Maciej Pilecki, Andrej Radinger, Zeljka Knezovic, Ivan Pavlovic, Srđan Božović, Dragoslav Ogar and many other Microsoft MVPs and consultants and professional speakers from the Region, the event is really a great opportunity to hear from the top gurus about Microsoft Technologies, best practices and Case Studies.

    As you can see by reading the Agenda, lots of topics will be covered so you won’t probably miss this chance !

    Link to: Sinergija 09

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