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Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG)

Being an MVP Lead for Central and Eastern Europe and Italy gives me a lot of visibility in terms on what is happening around the Region.

As I’m always in contact with these incredible guys and hearing about lots of great stories happening around in terms of talking about our products and technologies (and seeing them in action, well this is even more exciting!), I thought about a new initiative: every month, talk about a specific User Group, whichever is offline or online, and introduce it to the broader public. Just so you know, these guys are doing this because they love it, because they believe in what they do and because they are motivated by their Passion, which is an extremely powerful driver (I know it very well because it’s part of me too :)).

So this month let me introduce you the Cyprus .NET User Group: CDNUG


The Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) was established in 2005 by, and for, the .NET and SQL Server Community in Cyprus.

Conceived and developed from the ground up by .NET and SQL Server users, CDNUG is committed to the .NET and SQL Server community facilitating its growth and development.

In taking on the responsibility of being an open and independent coordinator for .NET and SQL Server community in Cyprus, CDNUG places a high priority on listening to the needs of its members and responding to them with tangible – and workable – initiatives.

Targets of CDNUG are:

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of switching to .NET framework
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of using and developing SQL Server
  • Raise funds funds through sponsors so that it can stage seminars/workshops
  • Find locations where seminars/meetings will take place
  • Provide a web site where meeting results, photos, links, articles etc will be posted
  • Organize informal gatherings so that members can discuss common problems

    CDNUG organizes regular monthly events (2-hour community nights) dedicated to .NET and SQL Server.

    Currently, CDNUG has 122 registered members. Usually the events organized by the User Group take place at the Microsoft Cyprus Office, providing CDNUG a perfect infrastructure for its local events. From time to time, big events are also organized attracting a large number of developers and IT Pros. Furthermore, CDNUG speakers also participate to local events organized by Microsoft Cyprus.

    What is important to know about the Cyprus .NET User Group is that it is open to everyone that shares the passion for .NET technologies and SQL Server, either it’s a beginner or an expert.

    The leader of CDNUG is Artemakis Artemiou (Blog: http://aartemiou.blogspot.com), Microsoft MVP on SQL Server, MCP, MCTS (Charter Member) and INETA – Europe Country Lead for Cyprus and I want to thank him for letting me start this useful initiative :)

    For more information about the Cyprus .NET User Group you can visit the below link

    Link to: Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) – Welcome To CDNUG

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