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Server Quest II

This brings me back to the 80’s when the games where real fun (compared to that age, of course :))

“The sequel to last year’s ServerQuest has arrived. Be prepared to be ushered into a world where the IT Pro rules (no offense to Devs ;-)). Find out if you’re geek enough to play and experience “a day in a Geek’s life” with ServerQuest II—with your reputation on the line, only the server can save you.  Once you’ve played, you’ll want to talk it up and share the link!”

Here is the story around:
The company’s  resident IT professional extraordinaire has just returned from a much-deserved vacation but, in a temporary spell of relaxed judgment, has jeopardized their reputation with a poorly placed email and forwarded personal holiday snaps to the entire staff. Now they have to excavate through the email chain to find the offending photos – all while keeping the office online.
In Server Quest II, the sequel to last year’s pixellated adventure, players must hone their technical prowess in order to prove once and for all why the tech pros take the cake. From software support to sidequests, players will get behind the curtain and live the life of a server genius fighting for respect.

Let’s go play it, but put some WHAM! or Spandau Ballet music on your ears while playing :)

Link to: Microsoft TechNet – Server Quest II

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