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Windows Live Messenger on Windows7

As far as I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop (and, again, I strongly recommend to download it and install it: you still have some time before the beta closes!) one of the minor issues I experienced was with the use of the latest Windows Live Messenger (one of the product included in the Windows Live Essentials suite).

As Windows 7 handles taskbar and notification area icons in a different way, the Windows Live Messenger thumbnail preview, due to compatibility requirements, shows two confusing Messenger’s windows.

It’s very easy to workaround on this and show the icon in the Notification area.

  • Close the application
  • Go to Windows Live Messenger Properties
  • check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows Vista” from the drop-down list

WLM Properties WLM Properties2

If you need to set this for all users, click on the “Change settings for all user” button

And then you’ll see your IM back to where it was !

WLM icon


Link to: Workaround to Hide and Minimize Windows Live Messenger Icon/Button to Notification Area (System Tray) in Windows 7 » My Digital Life

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