TechDays 2008 – Epilogue

And yet another great event is over..

We have been doing this event for about 4 years and, as the MVP Community evolved, we really made great steps. The steps I’m talking about are not only about us, doing the Ask The Expert and the MVP Interactive Panel with 13 MVPs as speakers and 8 as active participants, but I’m also talking about the event organization: the TechDays/WPC 2008

P1000111 P1000113

Around 400 participants had the opportunity to see many professional ITPros and Developers, on a 3 days event, covering 70 sessions over 14 tracks (from Architecture to Data Platform to Business Intelligence and so forth).

It was about meeting people: the talks and the discussions, mingling together with the same passion to share. Absolutely amazing !

 P1000314P1000394 P1000175

The guest speakers made clearly a difference (David Chappell with his speech on Cloud Computing was simply brilliant!) but I can’t mention all the positive feedback I received from the attendees talking about all the other speeches.

P1000155 P1000219 P1000215 P1000409

Every time it’s a privilege for me to represent these exceptional community leaders, as we are not talking about mere skills, we are talking about dealing with people that really has a great passion to share, open minded and available to participate to meet other people hungry for knowledge.


I recall a guy telling me: “For me, solving a technical problem for which an IT department/a developer is stuck for days/months with just a face-to-face chat, really pays my day”. And this is exactly what fosters these people (as I said) I have the honor to represent…


I have a lot of special thanks but please let me do just one to Giorgio Garcia-Agreda and Anna Cometti who made the “MVP Experience” so special… !

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