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Palm Treo 750v VS Palm Treo Pro

As I wrote in my last post,

I would like to dig into this new Palm Treo Pro that I recently bought. What I would like to do, as I’ve been a Treo 750v user for quite a long time, is a comparison between the two models (using Windows Mobile 6 in the first one and Windows Mobile 6.1 in the latest one).

Treo 750v Treo Pro

Some Palm Treo 750v Highlights (specs):

– Very ergonomic hardware

– Hardware buttons easy to use (for e-mails, text messages, etc) that you really forget you have a touch screen

– Windows Mobile 6 customized by Palm

And some Lowlights:

– Battery life (1200 mAh)

– Sync only Cable

– 300 MHz Processor

– Missing internal GPS and Wi-FI

– No switch-off button (just standing-by)

– Some issues with Active Sync through Exchange Server

– Audio and calls issues

Some Palm Treo Pro Highlights (specs):

– Battery life (1500 mAh)


– 400 MHz Processor

– More memory (256 + 128 MB Ram) available

– microSDHC (up to 32 GB)

– Windows Mobile 6.1 customized by Palm

– micro-USB connector

And some Lowlights:

– Stylish but not ergonomic (I prefer the US-only Palm Treo 800w)

– Reset button is under the battery cover (you have to slip that out to click that button)

– Keyboard is not that usable as the Palm Treo 750v (too-close buttons)

– No switch-off button (even if the rumors said otherwise)

That said, I’m very satisfied with this new device as it has all the stuff that I’m in need of (well, even more :))

Link to: Treo Pro Briefly Unveiled – Treonauts


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