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Real Code Day 10th Birthday !!

I’ m very happy to announce the 10th Birthday of one of the most important local Community on ASP.NET we have in Italy: ASPItalia.com

I wanna congratulate for their successes, their efforts, their commitment to make the community work and be successful in terms of contents and event organization. All of these ingredients need committed people, people that are busy like us but, nevertheless, they share their knowledge because of their Passion.


In particular, I would like to congratulate Daniele Bochicchio who started this adventure 10 years ago and believed in the power of the communities and the Microsoft products. And, behind the scenes, people like Riccardo Golia, Cristian Civera, Marco Leoncini, Stefano Mostarda, Alessio Leoncini. All these guys (+ a lot more, I suppose :)) committed in doing presentations, tips & tricks articles, reviewing technical articles from their peers, speeches, conferences, etc…Congratulations to you all !

And, believe me, maintain and make a Community successful it’s a hard task to accomplish ;-)

Ups, almost forgot :): the community organized an event to celebrate this (with a technical  part and a fun part) on the 21st of October at the Hotel Sheraton EUR – Via del Pattinaggio, in Rome.

If you want to celebrate with those guys, you can register here !!

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