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A Day at the Bottega, A Night at the Pub…

Sometimes it’s nice to break the routine and have a different day.

It happened last week, when I had the chance to be invited by Andrea Saltarello (I know Andre, I should have passed by months ago!) to the Managed Designs. Nice office, in the city center of Milano, modern and hospitable, and a little bit “rough” in a perfect dev style :D. Of course we talked a lot about User Groups and local Communities but also the boss was so kind to show me servers, routers, and other machineries (I have to say, after a while I lost him in the description :)). I met some other colleagues, some of which I knew already like Roberto Messora and Markino (during lunch), and I’m sure I bothered them a bit while they were solving some issues :)

In the evening, a great Community Dinner in a pub with some friends (Pino, Ale, Andre, Gab, Lica, Nino, Mighell, Giorgio and others): of course we had great fun, talking about System Center Essentials, Performance Point, Operations Manager and other very well known stuff (next evaluation: @ the next MVP Open Days !! ;-))

In the end, Nino got a new nickname: Aulin (or, better, Aulin Granulato) as you can see by the picture:

IMAGE_068 :D

Thank you so much guys, we should definitely get together and do it again very soon!

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