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MVP Global Summit 2008 – Epilogue

I have to say, this MVP Global Summit has been amazing! Around 1.800 Microsoft MVPs participated, 450 MSFtees from the Product Groups, 70 Field Teams, around 20 Regional Directors, the CSS Organization and of course the entire MVP Team.


It was terrific to see all these passionate people involved in this annual event, not only for the hundreds of technical sessions available, but mostly for the networking part. Chatting with people coming from around 90 Countries and sharing the same Passion was something unbelievably valuable.

IMG_6737 IMG_6777

And yes it was Fun!

DSC_0362 IMG_6700

Thank you to all the MVPs who participated, thank you to Sean, Toby, Colleen, Karen, Nestor and to the entire Community Support Services Organization who made this event memorable.

IMG_6696 IMG_6708

Ups, I almost forgot: I made a promise during the MVP Attendee Party:


I need to deliver the Gladiator’s T-Shirt (thanks Andrea !!) but still I don’t remember her name. Can anyone help me out ? :D

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